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“Inventive harmonies and unpredictable melodic twists”


- Songlines magazine

“They breathe a new life into Brazil’s popular lilting choro style... adding a distinctive, contemporary edge”

- Sarah Ward (Jazz FM)

Alvorada are the UK’s leading performers of choro, a rich and uplifting style of instrumental music from Rio de Janeiro. Alvorada explore influences from all over Brazil, playing choros with the irresistible swing of samba and maxixe from the South to baião from the Northeast, with an immediacy and vibrancy that delights audiences everywhere. Their debut album First Light contains choro classics and original works, revisiting the genre with influences from the UK. 

After playing together for years in London’s rodas de choro (the traditional, informal gathering of choro musicians), Alvorada formed a band in 2016 to bring the sound of choro to the wider UK stage. Alvorada unites top musicians from London and Brazil, whose diverse backgrounds - including jazz, classical and Brazilian music - lend the group a unique edge. They have performed extensively in London and the UK, and host a regular roda. Alvorada are also available for private functions.

Andrew Woolf - clarinet
Rachel Hayter - flute
Luiz Morais - 7-string guitar
Jeremy Shaverin - cavaquinho
Alua Nascimento - pandeiro



The Artful Dodger




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